About Us

StiffStrap was founded on the idea that you didn't have to pay a high premium to receive a quality product that is handmade. My name is Brandon and I handmake every camera wrist strap we make. I am a photographer myself, although these days I seem to have quite the creativity block. In my downtime I decided I wanted a really cool camera strap and that I wanted to make it myself. I looked into leather working, sewing, different fabrics, basically everything under the sun. I happened on Paracord and instantly fell in love. It was crazy strong, comfortable, and looked really cool and honestly, the leather is cool but I wouldn't be able to be at a good price point for the customer and honestly, there is not as much customization in colors. 


I enjoy every Strap I make and I put my heart and soul into them, but hey if you want to see my photography check it out at brandonthephotog.com. It is pretty neat and I look forward to seeing what you guys create and how the StiffStrap keeps your camera safe!