Who, Where, What is StiffStrap?

StiffStrap is me, Brandon Williams, I design the straps, hand braid them, and make sure they are 100% to what I think StiffStrap should be. StiffStrap to me should be a company that cares about photographers and truly cares about the quality of their product. The thing is I do more than care about my product. Be it as it may I may or may not be an extremely competitive person with a bit of perfectionist threw in there. 

Each StiffStrap takes about 1.5 hours to make, is braided with probably too much care and is tightened to the best of my ability. I am no fool I am aware that there are other guys out there slinging paracord camera straps, But I can promise you their quality cannot compete with a StiffStrap. You can see it in the braid. A StiffStrap is tight, it is notoriously stiff. You wouldn't buy genuine leather shoes if they were already broken in? A StiffStrap is designed to build a history with you, to wear as you wear it, To smell as you smell, and to be kin to you and your camera. A feat that a traditional Camera Strap cannot compete with.

The Mk. 1(Mark One) StiffStrap is only the beginning, you see I don't want to just beat the competition, I want to destroy them. The Second Rendition will take the StiffStrap to the next level with twice as much detail, twice the hours put into every one and 10 times the value. 

And If you think that isn't worth the price, well don't worry. How about a Lifetime Warranty on every StiffStrap. Beat that.