New Year Shenanigans

We have been crazy busy with the new year! Sending out prizes from the giveaway, opening the Amazon Handmade store, redesigning the site 87 times, bringing in a new retailer and a million other things. I am happy to say everything is going smoothly! We have added in 2 new colorways, Orange and Black and Yellow and Black and they look awesome. We picked up a new retailer, which is Garland Camera and I must say they really are the best camera shop that I have ever gone to. I shoot a lot of Film and end up with broken cameras or I need more film or developing equipment and they are always there with their great staff and knowledge. Not to sound like an advertisement or anything they really are a great shop. 


Besides that, we are gearing up for the next giveaway! This one is going to be aimed at the Film Photographer crowd as we are giving out some really nice Film Rangefinders! No no, no Leicas but brilliant nonetheless. We look forward to broadcasting the full details closer to the giveaway start date around the start of February. Until then, watch your emails and enjoy your StiffStraps until the giveaway!